Cutting-edge technology for genomic analysis

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, AarogyaAI®’s products rapidly and accurately diagnose drug resistance, enabling clinicians to make data-driven treatment decisions.


Powerful and accessible diagnostics at your fingertips

AarogyaAI®’s products are pathogen and sequencing technology agnostic. With a website, mobile and tablet app it can be accessed from anywhere.

AI-powered analysis of future drug resistance

Built and trained on global and local databases as well as extensive literature research, AarogyaAI®’s algorithms detect antimicrobial resistance and search for novel mutations contributing to drug resistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product need to be installed?
No, it’s a URL that can be accessed from any web browser and device.
Can the dashboard be integrated with a client's web application?
In its current version, integration with other applications is not provided. However, a customised ready to integrate portal application can be created, at additional cost. For more information on this write to us at info@aarogya.ai
Does AarogyaAI provide sequencing services?
We have sequencing partners through whom we can provide such services.
How can I demo the product and purchase it?
To book a product demo please visit this link and fill out the free trial request.
What pathogens does AAICare® analyse?
Candida auris, HIV 1 and 2, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Sars-Cov-2, Tuberculosis
Who is the product for?
Hospitals, Research institutions, Diagnostic labs
In how long can results be accessed?
For each sample the turnaround time is 40 minutes on average post sequencing
What are the internet and browser requirements?
Internet Speed: 50 Mbps or more

Our application works well with most browsers. We know of no issues with fairly recent versions of these browsers:
Google Chrome – 100.0 or higher, Firefox – 72.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge – 88.0 or higher

For our application to perform as designed, JavaScript needs to be enabled. You can do this in your browser's Preferences (Mac) or Settings/Internet Options (PC).
What input is acceptable for AAICare®?
We support next generation sequencing data, agnostic to patient specimen in .fastq.gz, .fastq and .gz formats
Where is the data stored?
As an ISO 27001:2013 certified company our data is stored according to international data safety standards.
What happens in case there is an internet outage? Do I have to start again?
The ongoing upload will pause and files cannot be downloaded or uploaded until connectivity is restored
In what formats can the results be downloaded?
The results are downloaded in PDF and HTML formats
Can I get a consolidated report of all analysed samples?
At the moment we provide individual downloads of each report


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